The Sports Journalist offers a professional consultancy, PR and management service to Golf Clubs, Golf Unions and other golf organisations.

By using TSJ’s knowledge of both the media and sport industry, TSJ will organise and implement cohesive plans so that the organisation can achieve their targets.


The Sports Journalist has worked successfully with several Junior Golf Tours, Golf Clubs and Golf Unions to attract more boys and girls to play the sport.

Participation figures have significantly increased on each occasion, usually more than a double within one year.

The Sports Journalist has designed, edited and produced a regular series of monthly, quarterly and annual print and digital publications for a variety of Golf Clubs and Golf Unions.

By improving the communication links, these quality publications have proved increasingly popular for the companies and their customers, as well as advertisers.

The Sports Journalist has written articles and provided photographs for weekly golf newsfeeds for Golf Clubs and Golf Unions.This feed has also been taken by local newspapers, who are seeking fresh, interesting and colourful golf copy and photos for their sports pages.